David Leather Expressions

A company specialised in the production of a wide range of weaves, macramé, embroidery, and handcrafted articles from leather scraps

David Leather Expressions‭, ‬a company based in Fucecchio‭ (‬FI‭), ‬specialises in the production of a wide range of woven‭, ‬macramé‭, ‬embroidered‭, ‬and completely hand-worked articles and many other innovative techniques for leather applications‭. ‬The special feature of this company is its ability to transform and revitalise waste leather into unique and refined products‭, ‬with a focus on sustainability‭, ‬waste reduction and top-quality processing‭. ‬Thanks to a constantly evolving sample book and a wide range of leathers as a starting point‭, ‬each product is studied‭, ‬developed‭, ‬and tested in the David Leather Expressions‭  ‬creativity lab supplier‭ ‬area in a‭ ‬“tailor-made”‭ ‬perspective‭, ‬with no size limits and creating the most diverse customisations requested by the client‭. ‬The David Leather Expressions company has also obtained a patent for its‭ ‬“Reliefin”‭ ‬technique‭, ‬characterised by embossing which‭, ‬even after intensive use of the article‭, ‬maintains the initial characteristics and‭ ‬quality of the leather used‭, ‬without alteration or reduction of the embossing‭.‬

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