Dimar Conceria srl

Quality leathers since 1970

Full grain chrome tanned leather even with the Green Project


Dimar is a small company of note in the Italian and international tanning market, having operated in the sector for over forty years amid tradition and innovation to provide its clients with top quality leathers. Adaptability and dedication to its clientele make the company unique in its kind.


The company’s origins date back to the 1970s, when the Franchetti family started its activity in the Vicenza area: their ample passion and dedication, together with many decades of experience make Dimar a point of reference for Made in Italy today, capable of satisfying every client request.


The company produces a wide range of split leathers and full-grain leathers, excellences in terms of yield and colour uniformity, suitable for many uses - from footwear to furnishings. In addition to its tanning, dyeing, and finishing departments, which are equipped with the most advanced machinery and in full respect of the environment and of the health of its workers, Dimar has specifically dedicated a building to the storage and processing of leather - from raw/wet blue to semi-finished/finished.


The company’s dedication to environmental protection, through the Dimar Green Project, and the total transparency of the entire production cycle has enabled Dimar to obtain important recognitions of qualitative and environmental reliability: LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX, CADS and ILSA “Zero Impact”.

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