Cuoificio Bisonte

The art of working leather combining artisanship and innovation

A wide range of articles from traditional leather to coloured leather to tiles for floors, wall coverings, and furnishings 


Founded in the early 1940s in the district of Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI), the Cuoificio Bisonte company is a world leader in handcrafted leather work in the footwear, furnishing, and nautical sectors. From the very beginning, its strong point has been to reinterpret an ancient material like leather in a modern key, having already been a producer of coloured, barrel-dyed leather for over forty years, with a process that requires highly qualified expertise. Furthermore, the Cuoificio Bisonte company specialises in the traditional slow tanning process in vats with vegetable tannins (chestnut), thanks to which it can guarantee high product quality standards.


At the end of the 1990s, with the creation of its in-house division called “Cuoioarredo”, the company also began specialising in the production of floor and wall coverings in “leather tiles”, which are in great demand especially in the nautical sector for their resistance and ease of use and maintenance. In addition to the continuous investment in technological innovation, the Cuoificio Bisonte company combines the know-how of a workmanship that is still essentially manual, that requires time, precision and attention to detail.


A point of reference for major fashion, furnishing, and nautical brands, the company is attentive to optimising the production cycle and sustainability. This is one of the reasons why, in the past two years, it has obtained important environmental, ethical-social-economic and product certifications that have earned it the “Sustainability Certification” from ICEC, having also passed the tests to obtain the “Biodegradable Leather” mark and all the steps (UNI EN ISO 14001- UNI 11427 Leather with low environmental impact - ICEC TS_SC410 Traceability of raw materials (leather) - Ethical claim for the recovery of raw hides from the food chain - UNIC Tanning Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility - UNI EN 16484 100% Made in Italy) for the future attainment of the LWG certification.

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