Gargiulo Leather

Leather processing and colouring

Three generations of love for leather  

A leader in the tanning sector since the 1950s, the Neapolitan team of Gargiulo Leather represents an Italian company of excellence thanks to its time-honoured knowledge of leather craftsmanship, combined with the most modern processing techniques. 

One of the main voices amid the international fashion scene, the company has proven its ability to keeping up with the trends of the moment, but also to contributing actively to their development.  

Its classic Made in Italy tanning is enhanced with new elements, thanks to the Gargiulo family's incessant research activity. Firstthe Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Materials Industry awarded the company a Certification for one of its flagships, its Chamois article.  

Another point of pride is the creation of the Dream Bag in Gargiulo branded leather, a product that obtained a European patent. Additionallythe great attention paid to new trends in the development of the collections is the proof of the company’s inexhaustible creativity. 

Gargiulo Leather confirms its participation in the most important leather events. The development of a personalized Web App enables it to combine digital and physical presence, fighting today's challenges, from the pandemic to market competitiveness. 

«Our articles stand out for their naturalness, suppleness, and brilliant colours - explains Carmine Gargiulo. We have managed to consolidate relationships with a vast international clientele, as well as with Top Italian brands, for products ranging from gloves to apparel, leather goods to footwear. We supply an authentic product that represents a cultural experience yet, at the same time, is innovative and able to satisfy different needs. And we do this thanks to a young, dynamic, and specialised staff». 

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