Conceria MB3 srl

Leather quality and versatility since 1996

Preparation and P.U. finishing of bovine and calf splits with customisation upon client request


Founded in 1996 by the Nuti family, the Conceria MB3 company specialises in the preparation and P.U. finishing of bovine and calf splits and other leathers on request, also used by luxury brands. Over the years, the company has made a name for itself on the market thanks to the quality and versatility of its products, which are also customised to the client’s needs.


Production takes place entirely in-house, thanks to a state-of-the-art plant and machinery and paying the utmost attention to every step, from the choice of hides to re-tanning, also chrome free, through to dyeing and finishing, which makes the leathers easy to cut. Much attention is paid to sustainability, with an internal traceability system for leathers, a 98% system for reducing solvents in the air, and the objective to reduce water and energy consumption.


The tannery’s R&D department is developing a new line of leathers made through processes and working systems with a reduced environmental impact.


The MB3 company’s environmental and social commitment is also attested to by the achievement of LWG Silver and UNIC - social accountability certifications.

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