Conceria Camaleonte spa

Production of smooth, classic, embossed and patterned cowhide with innovative and sustainable technologies

The innovative calfskin-nappa line is here


With over 80 years of activity, the Conceria Camaleonte company is an expression of the highest Tuscan tanning tradition. While always holding on to the value of artisanship firmly, the company has, over the years, managed to innovate its production by investing in research and development, both in terms of new tanning processes with low environmental impact and in terms of product.


Among the very latest innovations, previewed at the recent Lineapelle in September 2023, is the “calfskin-nappa” line: a leather made in limited thicknesses that seeks to replicate the characteristics of lamb nappa on calfskin.


«This is a half-calf leather produced entirely in our production facilities in Santa Croce sull'Arno: suitably processed, it acquires most of the unique characteristics of lambskin, such as suppleness, softness to the touch, specific weight, but on a greater surface area than lamb or goatskin, with a consequently better yield when cut. Today, it is one of the most in demand hides by fashion brands; at the next edition of Lineapelle in February 2024, we will officially present the new collection with the relevant colour trends for the Spring-Summer 2025 season».

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