Conceria Camaleonte spa

Over eighty years of history in the name of quality and passion

Production of smooth, classic, embossed, and patterned bovine leather with innovative and sustainable technologies


With its more than 80‭ ‬years of activity‭, ‬the Conceria Camaleonte company embodies a piece of history of the tanning tradition in‭ ‬Tuscany‭, ‬carried on over time with passion‭, ‬attention to quality‭, ‬competence‭, ‬and the entrepreneurial ability to best interpret‭ ‬market changes.


While always holding on to these values firmly‭, ‬over the years the company has succeeded in innovating its production of high-quality bovine leather‭, ‬equipping itself with cutting-edge technologies‭, ‬adopting Metal Free‭/ ‬Chrome Free tanning‭ ‬for over 5‭ ‬years now and recently developing new tanning technologies with very low environmental impact‭, ‬and obtaining certifications‭ ‬–‭ ‬including the ISO 45001‭ ‬and the LWG Silver certification‭ - ‬that confirm its commitment to both the protection of its supply chain and respect for the environment‭.


‬Its remarkable versatility and ability to create unique and prestigious articles have enabled the Conceria Cameleonte company to carve out a slice of the luxury market‭, ‬working for the leather goods and footwear products‭ ‬of the world’s most important brands‭.‬

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