Alberto Rosi

Leather imports and exports

Quality, ethics, and environmental responsibility


Quality‭, ‬product knowledge‭, ‬and a focus on human relations‭. ‬This is how Alberto Rosi‭, ‬a well-established agency specialising in‭ ‬leather distribution‭, ‬has been acting as a bridge between Italy and the foreign market for over 45‭ ‬years‭. ‬The agency makes its knowledge of materials and expertise available to traders‭, ‬tanneries‭, ‬and brands on an international level‭, ‬offering different types of leather of various origins‭, ‬with an excellent quality/price ratio‭.‬


Thanks to periodic visits and rigorous quality controls‭, ‬also during the progress of the various productions‭, ‬Alberto Rosi guarantees the conformity of the hides and processes adopted by its partners in compliance with the regulations in effect‭, ‬the REACH‭ ‬STANDARD‭ (‬in many cases LWG protocol‭), ‬and the ethical principles on which the agency itself is founded‭: ‬reliability‭, ‬quality‭, ‬standardisation‭, ‬work ethics‭, ‬and the environment‭. ‬


Compell‭, ‬a semi-finished material on calfskin and sheepskin ready for the production of biodegradable leather is among the latest registered trademarks‭: ‬a concrete contribution to reducing the industry’s impact on the environment‭.‬

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