Conceria Ferrari Srl

Seventy years of history in the name of quality and environmental awareness

A wide range of products such as shoe linings, upper articles, and leather goods


Founded in 1946, the Conceria Ferrari company is the oldest tannery in the Chiampo Valley, in the province of Vicenza. With a history of over seventy years, always focused on quality and innovation, the Conceria Ferrari company boasts a wide range of products, such as shoe lining and uppers, produced using tanning techniques - wet blue, metal free and chrome free - with a reduced environmental impact.


Production is carried out in the company’s own two plants, consenting a full control of the quality and safety standards of the manufacturing processes in compliance with environmental standards. The professionalism of the company team is put at the service of the clients to meet their every need and expectation. LWG SILVER certified, the tannery has obtained recognition from UNIC for the Code of Conduct and has completed the Supplier To Zero Foundational Level ZDHC. It also boasts numerous partnerships with major fashion brands.

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