Conceria Pegaso

Tanning and finishing of high-quality leathers

A company that has been enhancing leather for 50 years 

Part of the Gruppo Alba, Conceria Pegaso specialises in the processing of leather for Luxury footwear and leather goods brands. 

The group has four plants in the Santa Croce sull'Arno district, as well as the Ukrainian Skirianik tannery, which transforms hides from raw to wet-blue. 

Service is the cornerstone around which all the Conceria Pegaso activities revolve: the clients and their needs are attentively managed by the design team. This is the beginning of a journey together that, step by step, leads to the objective with efficient, customized, and effective solutions. 

The pursuit of perfection is one of the objectives. For this reason, the company combines 4.0 technologies, such as the use of an optical scanner for colour control, with great artisan experience. 

With a very flexible production capacity, Pegaso provides an inexhaustible and innovative range of articles: from raw materials in different categories, capable of covering the entire market spectrum, to high quality hypoallergenic metal-free tanning that replaces heavy metals with vegetable or synthetic tannins. 

There is also a wide range of reptile, crocodile, and python prints, and finally the Carnaby line for luxury leather goods, a new way of interpreting elegant gloss finishes. 

All this would not be possible without the dedication that the owners and employees transfer into the company every day. An impalpable value that becomes tangible when the client’s hand touches the leather. 

Conceria Pegaso is a solid company, which continues with its ethical commitment that is inseparable from its business activity. Proof of this is the company’s observance of the LWG Environmental Protocol and the actions aimed at obtaining a silver or gold medal. 

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