Osci Pellami S.r.l.

Production and processing of sheep and goat skins for glove, leather goods, footwear, and apparel manufacturers

Less is more


«Our philosophy is less is more - is how Giuseppe, owner of the Osci Pellami company together with Raffaele and Michele, presents his tannery - We believe that in order to meet sustainability requirements, we can enhance the beauty of leather without covering it with excessive processing: the more natural the leather, the less energy and chemicals are dispersed into the environment. Obviously, at the request of brands and designers, we also use the best finishing and protection in the industry».  


The Osci Pellami company has set itself apart for almost a century on the tanning scene for the production of extremely soft-touch leathers, such as pure aniline nappa, suede, and stretch nappa. Specialised in the glove sector, the company also processes the best leathers on the market for leather goods, footwear and apparel. At the Osci Pellami company, the artisan’s hand is the master and the tanning methods used are chrome free, metal free in addition to full chrome and vegetable tanning.


«We are ready to face the challenge prompted by the digital passport - Giuseppe continues - our hides are traced within the entire supply chain. We have also obtained the three ICEC System certifications». 


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