Osci Pellami S.r.l.

Production and processing of sheep and goat skins for glove, leather goods, footwear, and apparel manufacturers

90 years of artisan tradition combined with an innovative vision

For four generations‭, ‬the Osci Pellami company has been carrying on the Neapolitan tradition of glove leather processing‭, ‬combining artisanship‭, ‬innovation‭, ‬and respect for the environment‭. ‬Specialising in the processing of high-end natural sheep skin for‭ ‬glove production‭, ‬the company also processes stretch nappa for footwear and natural nappa for apparel‭, ‬as well as various types‭ ‬of sheep skin for the leather goods sector‭. ‬Today it exports 50‭ ‬per cent of its production worldwide‭. ‬Among the Osci Pellami company’s strengths are the great care and attention of its staff in the selection of high quality leathers‭, ‬which are then chrome‭, ‬vegetable‭, ‬or metal-free tanned‭, ‬applying the best methods acquired in almost 90‭ ‬years of experience‭. ‬Specialised workers control each stage of processing with the diligence typical of artisans‭. ‬The company can customise colours‭, ‬thicknesses‭, ‬and sizes according to client requirements‭. ‬Last but not least‭, ‬there is the commitment to safe and sustainable production‭, ‬represented by the I‭.‬C.E.C‭. ‬certifications for traceability‭, ‬quality and safety that the company is obtaining‭.‬

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