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The month of June 2015 was full of important new developments at Missardi Spa, a Tuscan excellence of high-end clothing production. The company, run by the Calugi brothers, has in fact acquired a new production factory in the industrial area of the town of Miranda in the province of Isernia. A 5000 m² technologically advanced building, powered by photovoltaic panels, where about 100 specialized employees work.

Another move that testifies how Made in Italy is the primary objective of the Missardi Spa philosophy. 

Thanks to the know-how from a sartorial background, the company is now capable of undertaking first  line development projects, guaranteeing a lean and efficient management of the production phases,  entirely developed in Italy. An ideal partnership for the famous fashion labels that, in the development of Missardi, find the concreteness of the “Tuscan spirit” and the enthralling creativity of tradition, handed down for generations.

The constant attention to quality consents to the application of systems and innovative ideas. The development and ongoing research in the field of materials assist the experimentation of new manufacturing techniques and treatments for textiles, furs and fine leathers, such as crocodile, python and ostrich, always ecologically tanned in full respect of nature. The research of new treatments for finished garments, such as washes, colours and vintage effects are important.

The elegant and never ordinary Missardi production comprises a variety of clothing and an exceptional quality of leather, cashmere, fabric and fur. And not only: the company’s production also proposes small leather goods, bags and belts. Every single detail is an element of the production  cycle, a gear that contributes to the perfection of the final result, proposing a concept of style and  wearability to its clients that is not replicable. This is why leading companies trust Missardi with the creation and production of their fashion lines.

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