Production of flocked fabrics

Sustainable innovation and quality


The Bal-mar company was founded in the 1980s and immediately specialised in the production of flocked fabrics for the textile and fashion sectors, producing special items for its clients. Over the years, the company’s innate dynamism drove it to research and develop new processing techniques and technologies that could further improve the flock, making it an increasingly high-quality product perfectly in line with current fashions.


Thanks to this activity, the company can propose different lengths of flock fibres - for some clients Bal-mar is the only producer in Europe -  for processing and new compositions. The company is currently carrying out some interesting projects that not only focus on quality, but also on the circular economy: waste material from certain textile processes, such as fabric offcuts, knitwear, or yarns are transformed, through suitable processing, into new raw materials that can be used to flock fabrics.


The compositions that Bal-mar is testing will produce flocked fabrics - all tested and controlled - with different characteristics in terms of composition, aesthetics, and feel.

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