Eddy Ricami Project srl

A company with innovation in its DNA

Advanced technologies and artisanship at the service of quality

Founded in 1998 in Montecosaro (Macerata), the Eddy Ricami Project company has been operating in the embroidery sector for over twenty years, setting itself apart for the attention it has always paid to the technological innovation of its production processes and the artisanship of its workmanship.

Constant investment in research and development of advanced technologies and a strong production capacity enable the company to offer its clients - especially luxury brands and in particular sneaker brands - a wide variety of exclusive and avant-garde solutions that fascinate many of the world's most important designers.

Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and the presence of an in-house style office that satisfies any need for sampling or personalisation of projects, the Eddy Ricami Project company can, by blending and enhancing them, carry out various types of processes: from embroidery to laser work, from high frequency to micro-injection, from flat digital printing to printing on finished shoes.

We also carry out pad printing and tampolamina raised laminations, rhinestone and stud applications of every kind, manual spray decorations and edge setting. Above all, there is a knitwear department where knitted uppers are produced that can be heat-sealed and have any type of finish applied to them.

The elegance of details, excellence of processing, and attention to the quality of materials are some of the main strengths of the Eddy Ricami Project company, which interprets the new frontiers of style, such as the combination of fashion and 3D printing, to combine the fashion factor with the best production technologies available today, thus obtaining workmanship of the highest quality with innovative and original relief effects that respond to the requests of clients eager to keep up with the latest trends in the best possible way and in a customised manner.

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