Muchcolours S.r.l.

Digital at the service of industrial decoration

Design, ecology, and cutting-edge colour performance

«Our core business is to build, develop, and market digital printing machines». Augusto Rabuffo, CEO of Muchcolours, introduces the company. «Those who turn to us receive targeted advice to find the perfect machine for industrial decorations».

The digital printers produced by the Muchcolours company can be customised according to the client’s needs. The CEO continues - «The objective of our machines is to provide a high-performance product that facilitates the work of customisation and decoration. The selection of an industrial printer is made after  an interview where the potential clients tell us about the objectives they wish to achieve. We analyse their needs and offer comprehensive advice to identify the most suitable machine».

Choosing digital printers made by the Muchcolours company,  enables companies operating in the fashion and interior design industry to benefit from a customized, reliable, and 100% Made in Italy tool.

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