Tisses by Banelli

Textile manufacturing

Bio-organic and recycled fabrics to conquer the fashion industry 

«Innovation and constant research have always been in the TISSES company’s DNA - says its owner Daniele Banelli – and can be seen in the proposals where aesthetics and functionality merge, while maintaining full respect of environmental sustainability».

This mission enables TISSES to propose fabrics and ideas to fashion designers in the leather goods, footwear, and accessories sectors.

Quality, eco-sustainability, and production: these are the three cornerstones on which TISSES bases its production. Founded as a spin-off of the Banelli company, TISSES is growing increasingly aware of its identity, developing its potential to the fullest, offering structurally unique and ennobled products. 

The most innovative eco-compatible products are also the highest in demand: BIORGANIC CANVAS is a line of bio-natural fabrics, and PETTEX is a line of fabrics created from the expert use of recycled Newlife™ polyester threads, 100% derived from plastic bottles entirely collected and processed in Italy. 

Nothing is left to chance. Organic fabrics are made from natural cotton, hemp, and linen fibres with internationally recognized certifications. This collection also includes bio-organic fabrics tinted with natural dyes extracted from berries, grass, and roots.

Not only a guarantee of production quality thanks to the application of ISO 9001, but also an awareness that goes beyond the product: GOTS and GRS certified fabrics and finishing. The attention paid to the environment and the ethical and social aspects of the entire supply chain are values instilled in TISSES regardless of market demands. 

In addition to producing bio-organic and recycled fabrics (GRS), TISSES can feature the proposal of innovative themed variations combined with sophisticated and experimental finishing processes thanks to its expertise in the world of coated fabrics.

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