Ricamificio Essemme

Not just embroidery

The Ricamificio Essemme proposal 

Embroidery-quilting. The core business of the Ricamificio Essemme company is based on this combination. The company is specialised in the leather goods (small and large), footwear, and apparel sectors.

The company’s clients are top-level brands and, at the same time, the leather goods manufacturers those brands rely on. «Our philosophy is based on a double objective - explains the company team - The first is to provide comprehensive assistance to brands in the development phase and, even before that, in the research phase, preceding their requests with innovative proposals resulting from our studies and investments. An example of this is the quilting that we can now to carry out with very thick yarns (up to 8 count). The second aim is to give leather goods clients as much support as possible by taking on some of their processes».

Ricamificio Essemme is attentive to sustainability, both social and environmental, with a triple-A eco-sustainable energy structure and part of the sample collection dedicated to ecological processing. 


Some of the processes that are carried out:

  • Sequins embroidery
  • Bead embroidery
  • Border embroidery
  • 3D embroidery
  • Logo embroidery
  • Shoulder strap

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