Certified fashion components

Sustainable micro metal parts


CIM Italy Srl is a company located in the province of Lombardy‭, ‬specialized in the production and marketing of micro metal parts‭ ‬for the fashion industry‭. ‬


The constant research and development‭, ‬also in the galvanic field‭, ‬has led to the development of the‭ ‬so-called‭ ‬“CIM cycle”‭, ‬a highly specialized protocol designed for the company’s core business‭: ‬sheared brass studs and rivets‭. ‬“All brands have developed their own specifications regarding the treatment of their hardware‭ - ‬explains owner Stefano Innocenti‭ ‬‭- ‬but applying them to small parts produced on a large scale would be economically very burdensome‭.‬


Therefore‭, ‬CIM Italy Srl has developed ad hoc galvanic cycles that faithfully replicate the typical and recognizable finishes of‭ ‬the brands at lower prices‭, ‬without compromising the quality of the final product‭. ‬Each accessory‭, ‬in order to be validated‭, ‬must pass the chemical-physical tests arranged by the brands themselves‭. ‬A seal of absolute guarantee”‭. ‬The CIM cycle therefore makes sustainable the production of micro metal parts on large numbers‭, ‬opening a new path for the world of Luxury fashion and beyond‭.‬

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