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The non-stop evolution of the Most Group


Since the Most company was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of labels and tags for apparel, it has come a long way. A long journey of over twenty years that has now brought it to be a parent company of the Most Group, a holding company specialised in processing and finishing for the High Fashion market. The evolutionary steps have been constant over time but, in the past year, the acceleration has been evident, as Elisabetta Mucci, R&D director of the  Most company, explained to us: «We recently acquired a company in Cremona, R-EVOLUTION. It is a creative workshop that combines high technology and artisan know-how to provide solutions beyond the ordinary through a tailor-made service and comprehensive consultancy. For this reason, it may soon become a pure product development department. Everything is done in-house at R-EVOLUTION: from digital printing to hot foil stamping, from screen printing to pad printing, from high frequency to Texflex and Ecodomes patents».   


Gathered under the roof of the Most Group, many specialised processes come together that can be combined to achieve innovative and trendy results: «At the moment, the group has over one hundred employees - explains Elisabetta Mucci - thanks to whom we can manage the details of each technique in-house and directly monitor the process, from concept to production».    


One of the Most Group’s best-selling processes is definitely high-frequency production: «We are the company with the highest production capacity on the market for high frequency - continues Director Mucci - Specifically, this is taken care of by our CREATIVE.COM, another Most Group acquisition. This is one of the first Italian companies to have applied high-frequency processing to the world of Fashion and, thanks to decades of experience with major brands, it proposes refined technical solutions such as high-frequency embossing, weld-blanking and weld-tearing, as well as HD thermoforming, inlays, and lamination techniques».


The overview of the Most Group continues with another flagship of the holding company: MOST TXC. Founded in 2011, this company is an undisputed player in the sale of technical textiles and products for car interiors. Products such as knitted and velvet fabrics, plain or jacquard, microfibres and synthetic furs, with an infinite range of colours and finishes. From the joint venture with the Most company, a collection of Fashion products was born: innovative fabrics capable of creating exclusive looks for clothing, footwear, and bags. 


Thanks to this kaleidoscope of skills, the world of the Most Group is completely transversal to the world of fashion: «Companies like ours are like a style translator - says Elisabetta Mucci - once the brand launches the concept of the collection and sends inspirational images launching the research, our task is to make proposals to translate the sought-after mood onto material».  In the wake of this mission, a very important role is played by MOST - SILK, one of the most creative departments of the Most holding company. This is an in-house division specialising in pad printing and screen printing - direct and indirect - on leather, artificial leather, PVC, PU, foils and fabrics. Colours are created on the basis of ad hoc recipes, also with metallic, glitter, iridescent, rubberised and glossy/matt effects. Special polyurethane coatings provide maximum resistance to light and rubbing. Another piece of excellence that makes up the mosaic of the Most Group where research never stops. 


But what are the latest innovations in terms of processing techniques? «Definitely direct 3D printing with which all kinds of effects can be created on the material with a very high precision of detail» concludes Elisabetta Mucci.


This is a technology that opens up new scenarios for the world of fashion: the future will be choosing an article and having it printed. To create this technique, we are collaborating with STRATASYS, a global leader in 3D printing, with whom we are beta tester partners for the implementation of direct printing on fabric. Illuminated fabrics and fibre-optic wefts, a true innovation in the textile field and of great visual impact, are also of the latest generation.

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