Most srl

An increasingly vast range of products and processes for the world of fashion 

Creativity and innovation 

Founded in 2001, the Most company is currently one of the main Italian players active in the processing and finishing of materials and accessories for the luxury and high fashion sectors. 

Thanks to its continuous investments in research, the Most company has added an absolute novelty to the global panorama of its range of processes: 3D printing on fabrics for apparel, bags, accessories, and footwear.

Partnering with Stratasys as a beta tester for this extraordinary technology, the Most company has succeeded, in just a few months, to create a process that goes from product development to production, respecting high quality standards and tight deadlines.

3D printing can also be mixed with the many other techniques handled in-house: heat printing, high frequency, sheer welding, padded embossing, screen printing, digital printing and transfers, hand padding and ageing, thermo-applications, sublimation, laser and blade cutting, inlays and embroidery, and leather processing.

The Most company aims to anticipate trends on the Luxury market and to offer innovative and diversified solutions sometimes far removed from the world of fashion, respecting issues such as eco-sustainability and environmental protection.

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