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An increasingly vast range of products and processes for the world of fashion 

Creativity and innovation 

Founded in 2001, the Most company is currently one of the main Italian players active in the processing and finishing of materials and accessories for the luxury and high fashion sectors: leather goods, footwear, apparel, and fashion accessories.

In recent years, the company has experienced an exponential development, becoming a holding company thanks to the acquisition of three companies: the production site has tripled its space, consequently increasing its production capacity and the types of processes carried out.

The Most company has always invested heavily in research into the most innovative technologies in order to expand its range of products and processes and to be constantly proactive. An eye on trends and the analysis of the complex panorama of global fashion with its specificities linked to the geographical market of reference act as the “compass” that guides us in increasingly new directions.

Research is conducted with the objective of anticipating market trends and always offering innovative, trendy, and diversified solutions: colours, materials, techniques, and technologies, sometimes far removed from the world of fashion, which craves  novelty, and is now increasingly driven by issues such as eco-sustainability, respect for the environment, and a constant eye on the future. All processes are managed in-house: from high-tech to artisan savoir faire: hot embossing, high-frequency, soldering, embossing with padding, screen printing, digital printing and transfers, hand padding and ageing, thermoadhesives, sublimation, laser and blade cutting, inlays and embroidery, leather processing, direct 3D printing on fabrics, microfibres, and suede.

Each of these gives added value to the product on which they are carried out, managing each time to create and obtain surprising results. Merit of the company's growth is also the department of specialised design engineers that can create executive files for printing, screen printing frame designs, CAD files, and laser cutting, moulds for high frequency processing and all the accessories necessary for both the rapid prototype development phase and for production.

Always attentive and future-oriented, we can foresee the ideal solutions for the most prestigious brands in the Luxury market.  

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