Linea Ellebi

Embroidery, applications, creation of accessories and intermediate Processes

Creative collaboration with the client


Thanks to the legacy of a time-honoured family artisan tradition, Linea Ellebi has been producing a wide range of decorations for the leather goods, footwear, and luxury apparel sectors for over thirty years. From the design to the production of finished accessories in leather or fabric, the company provides a complete service for fashion brands. 


With a production capacity capable of adapting to small and large semi-industrial production processes, the company specialises in the application of studs, thermo-adhesive and sewn crystals; threading, braiding, crochet or macramé work; manual and electronic embroidery, which can be carried out with the help of special multi-head machines for the application of sequins and trimmings.


Ready to experiment with new materials processed with traditional and innovative techniques, Linea Ellebi proposes sample collections to stimulate its clients’ creativity, establishing veritable creative collaborative relationships.

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