Matilda Ricami

Embroidering the future

Studio Matilda Ricami is one of those companies that boasts an artisan skill that, thanks to its  consistently high quality products, has not felt the effects of the economic crisis. In fact, this company  is in continuous growth. It was founded in August 1999 thanks to the passion of Elio Orlando, and can  now count on a staff of approximately forty people with the perspective of increasing their numbers.

The company works in the field of Italian embroidery and the application studs and rhinestones, as well  as working on any type of material ranging from rugs to leather. Actually, the prevalence of leather  in the work done by Matilda Ricami has increased exponentially in recent years, to the point of  representing a more than consistent portion of the company’s total work.

 All the work is done by machine, but the company’s distinguishing factor is the finishing, which is strictly  done by hand: a touch of superior handcrafted ability that highlights the skill of the Italian  workforce, which is renowned worldwide.

 A product quality that combines perfectly with the promptness of the services offered by the company.  A perfect balance is also obtained thanks to a completely vertical production cycle, with a highly  versatile productive structure that carries out all its work in-house, in Empoli. Everything is completely  done in-house and this is how Matilda Ricami has become the assurance of a completely 100% Italian  

The creations at Matilda Ricami are diverse and destined for a wide range of sectors: from clothing  to leather goods, from footwear to furnishings, and accessories. The exclusive collections of Matilda  Ricami undergo continuous development, with an unrivalled wealth of ideas from its archives: different  materials are combined and reinvented, ensuring a combination close to tradition, but always in step  with the times.

The combination of tradition/modernity is in fact the centrepiece of the Matilda Ricami creations, where  the past and present meet and intersect, preserving the charm of Italian artisanship unaltered.


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