TM Luxury Partner

Excellence in leather processing for the world's leading fashion brands

More than 40 years of experience in creating a wide range of sophisticated and distinctive decorations


For over 40 years, the TM Luxury Partner company has been a story of excellence, set apart by the highest quality leather processing carried out for the most important brands in the fashion, interior/yachting, automotive and aviation sectors.


Highly qualified skills, maximum attention to detail, beautiful workmanship, and punctual deliveries are the advantages for companies that choose the TM Luxury Partner company to transform their ideas into something unique and distinctive.


The highest quality of work, artisanship, and innovative technology are transformed into a wide range of decorations - embroidery, printing, embossing, weaving, high frequency, hot printing, quilting, stud rhinestone metal and thermos-adhesive applications, patchwork, perforation, chains, trimmings, and more - designed and manufactured entirely in-house and customised according to client requirements.


The TM Luxury Partner company also guarantees the complete management of semi-finished products, from the cutting of the leather to the production of the entire kit.

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