Arte in strass srl

Thermoadhesive applications and laser cutting on leathers

The art of customized applications


Thinking outside the box. Using your wits to create innovative processes. Making use of the expertise that gives value to real Made in Italy.

This is the post-pandemic recipe of Claudio Scolari who, together with his wife Anna Cecere, own Arte in Strass Srl, a dynamic company in the Valdarno area specialized in thermoadhesive applications such as rhinestones, studs, patches, and customized work of every kind on Luxury brand leather goods, footwear, and apparel.

«Research and development of new application techniques have always set us apart - explains Claudio Scolari - and now more than ever this attitude has become a necessity.

We want to surprise the market, seeking contamination from other sectors to create new paths in the world of thermoadhesive applications.

During this period, for example, we have been experimenting with a mix of processes typical of the goldsmith sector in combination with the artisan techniques that we normally use for our work.

Our mission could be summed up as follows: to use the usual to create the unusual».

Arte in Strass Srl completes its range of services with laser cutting and leather inlays. 

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