Production of work-of-art fabrics for accessories

Creativity, research, speed and quality

Fabrics like works of art‭. ‬One example is the recent Armònia collection‭: ‬solid coloured fabrics such as satin‭, ‬canvas‭, ‬terry‭, ‬embellished with various processes‭, ‬digital prints‭, ‬and silk screening‭. ‬The colours‭? ‬All inspired by the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí‭. ‬This is how the Must For Fashion company from Montemurlo‭ (‬PO‭) ‬works‭, ‬having been on the market since 2019‭, ‬but with the tradition and guarantee of being part of the Bellandi group‭.‬‭

‬It combines creativity‭, ‬research‭, ‬and quality to produce fabrics for accessories‭, ‬such as bags and footwear‭. ‬Thanks to its experience with the dynamics of the world of trends and familiarity with the complexity of furnishing fabrics‭, ‬Must For Fashion was‭ ‬immediately successful and now collaborates with some of the most important fashion brands in the world‭. ‬

The company’s strong points are customisation‭, ‬speed‭, ‬and versatility‭, ‬with a constant focus on sustainability‭, ‬which it brings to even the‭ ‬most complex fabrics such as velvets‭. ‬The client never hears us say‭ ‬“impossible‭, ‬it can’t be done”‭: ‬this is the company’s philosophy‭.‬

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