Astra srl

Zippers, threads, magnetic clasps, edge colouring, buttons

Accessories and threads for the fashion world

Astra specializes in the supply of accessories and consumer products for the fashion and leather goods sectors, offering the best products available on the market.

The company upholds constant research that enables it to propose quick solutions for more complex needs. 

Astra has a vast catalogue of items available for immediate delivery, including a considerable selection of threads, and magnetic clasps that are manufactured by Quick Srl (, one of the group’s companies, that can customize electroplating and logos. Its consulting service is what sets Astra apart.

A team of professionals is responsible for researching ad hoc articles, investigating processes, materials, and technical aspects starting from clients’ specific needs, assisting them throughout the entire bag design process.

Another one of the excellences offered by Astra is its range of eco-sustainable products. These include the ECO VERDE line of Coats brand threads, produced with 100% certified recycled polyester, and zippers made from recycled PET, as well as a range of consumer products in line with current global sustainability policies. 

The expansion of its digital and social presence is among the company’s ongoing projects, to make stakeholders aware of the areas of research that the company is constantly pursuing.  

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