Sacchettificio Toscano

Leader in packaging and cloth bag production

Caring for the environment while taking care of Luxury products

Can one bag contribute to saving the Planet? According to Sacchettificio Toscano, yes, if produced in an ethical way, with natural raw materials and in respect of the environment.

High fashion requires Luxury packaging, but aesthetics can be combined with a responsible production thanks to the use of certified eco-sustainable materials that undergo processing powered by energy from renewable sources.

In a post-Covid 19 world, companies like Sacchettificio Toscano - a leader in the packaging sector for over forty years - are contenders for demonstrating how to do business in an innovative way that increasingly focuses on eco-friendly oriented investments.

These ideas give way to the eco-bag collections, bags and shoppers made by Sacchettificio Toscano, which include fabric product lines made with natural and recycled fibres such as linen, cotton, jute, and bamboo, in addition to articles obtained from PET plastic recycling.

A smart attitude, avant-garde ideas, a vision for the future, and real environmental ethics: this is Sacchettificio Toscano's pandemic vaccine to guaranteeing a future for the Planet in the wake of Made in Italy. 

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