Cieffe Filati

Fine threads for designer embroideries

Laboratory of ideas, creator of solutions 

Cieffe Filati is the answer for brands looking for luxury threadsOffering innovative and effective solutions quickly is its mission. This company is much more than an emporium that sells threads for embroidery, industrial sewing, and ready delivery: Cieffe Filati oversees the direct production of organic and certified viscose and cotton threads. 

A company with a passionate and versatile character, which takes the clients by the hand and accompanies them in the search for the right thread, also taking care of the yield and the appearance that it gives to the finished product: an integrated consulting service tailored to each clientA great deal of study and research are attitudes that allow new projects to be put into practice every year.  

Among the developments, in addition to the constant expansion of organic cotton colours, the company presents the creation of a pure linen fibre in three units that gives the embroidery a natural look, typical of hand embroidery. In addition, the range of special high tenacity technical threads is also being expandedThe idea of channelling the company's expertise into an embroidery academy to train the embroiderers of tomorrow is among the projects in the works. 

Cieffe Filati contributes to weaving the weft of Made in Italy. And it does so through the creativity, artisanship, and innovation that characterise it. 

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