Euro Zenith srl

Customized embroidery and decorations

Creativity that knows no limits

Making each embroidery unique and not li- miting client ideas: this has been the Euro Zenith mission for twenty years, responding to the needs of the big furnishing, leather goods, footwear and clothing brands.

Dra- wing on its tradition of technical and artisan knowledge, the company produces a vast variety of embroidery on fabric, leather, cork and wood, with the most different types of threads that range from cotton, polyester, viscose and linen.

3D embroidery, patented in 2007, and the possibility of working on single pieces of material or on nished go- ods are among the production specialities. At Euro Zenith, high technology joins the ex- pertise of the hand of expert embroiders, to guarantee high quality and fast production times.

The combination of creative air and research allows the company to propose new types of embroidery and applications, such as ornaments, sequins and other accessories with continuity.

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