Lambskin for leather goods: a niche and refined product





A fine, flexible, lightweight leather that, while responding to the physical and chemical tests of leather goods leathers, manages to keep its distinctive characteristics intact, particularly the classic softness and roundness of lambskin. It is one of the novelties seen during the last edition of Lineapelle, developed by IP Industrie Pellami srl (Empoli, FI) a company specializing in supplying leather for apparel that has gradually adapted to the needs of leather goods as well. It is Florida, a lambskin that tanning and finishing make suitable for use in leather goods, where usually most of the supply is made from calfskins.


"We wanted to apply the same principles to lamb, a leather that has a different specific weight: it's lighter, has less important thicknesses, so a softer, rounder hand," explains Riccardo Bitossi, the company's salesperson. "We are not the first to do this, but we are a few: we are in a niche of suppliers who process a product capable of offering tanning and final hold characteristics suitable for dry and wet rubbing, so that it does not release color or stain. To do this, it is necessary to add components during tanning that can ensure a certain amount of hold."


Florida, with its smooth fine-grained surface and generous size represents a particularly fine article, suitable for being taken to even very low thicknesses, while remaining strong and durable. The most typical example of its application is the shopping bag, which must be soft and flexible. Given the fine grain it is also suitable for processing such as quilting, embroidery, curling and more. "We have had this processing for years, Bitossi concludes, but in recent periods we have identified some lines that we keep as continuous products and that expand our offer with a stock service and different colors."


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