Leather School, in Florence, four young people graduate as artisans





Sara, Eleonora, Luigi, Imane graduated from the Leather School of Florence. The four young people today are leather craftsmen thanks to the training grants from the Marcello Gori Foundation, established by Laura, Francesca and Barbara Gori in memory of the social commitment of their father Marcello, founder of the Leather School in Florence. This was founded in 1950 to give orphans of the Second World War the opportunity to learn a trade and its civil-social commitment, as well as to spread the value of artistic craftsmanship: today it continues thanks to the commitment of the Foundation which deals with introduce needy young people to the world of work by offering leather crafts courses at the Leather School.


And there is already a job for Sara Checcucci, Eleonora Cuppari, Luigi Zaccariello and Imane Daraoui, who in the nine months of study have demonstrated commitment, creativity and passion in cutting, sewing, bag projects and small leather goods: the first three were hired at the Leather School, Imane at the artistic leather goods A.R. Florence.


«My wonderful experience in this school as a single mother who had the opportunity to access the course to learn this ancient and prestigious art is the fruit of the generosity of many people» commented Sara Checcucci, while for Eleonora Cuppari the scholarship was represented the «chance to demonstrate to myself and to those who have underestimated me for years and created a great sense of inferiority in me, that I too am worthy and am able to express my talent and creativity».


A chance that turns into an opportunity, but also into the possibility of realizing one's dream, as in Luigi's case: "from a curiosity born while working in a leather goods shop outside Italy, which then transformed into a passion, I find myself today living a dream, which came true thanks to people with a big heart." "In addition to extraordinary people, I have found inner peace here – added Imane -. I sincerely hope that other boys and girls are lucky enough to be able to be part of it."


And the initiative continues: twenty-year-olds Jacob Favour, Bijan Gooki Zadeh, Bryan Jeremy Gutierrez Ferretti, Ahmad Mohammad, Oscar Rene Salinas Guifarro will be able to participate in the 2023 Training Course. The study course, lasting nine months, will begin on October 2nd in a laboratory of the Leather School in the Santa Croce district where, under the guidance of the master craftsmen, the students will learn the techniques of artisanal leather and leather processing .

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