The trend among accessories? Brass chained shoulder straps




The must-have for handbags and accessories according to designer labels? The chain strap. That's what Gianni Fagioli, of M.F. Mascagni&Fagioli in Montevarchi (AR), a company specializing since 1978 in welding leather goods and clothing accessories, has found in recent seasons, capable of carrying out in-house all the processing stages related to the welding and assembly of the metal accessory. "In 45 years of activity we have done a lot of processing,  explains Gianni Fagioli, but in the last period, already since last year, brands have launched themselves on brass chained shoulder straps for bags and accessories".


Details that are beautiful to look at, but also functional. "The leather strap is perhaps more comfortable, Fagioli adds, "but a brass strap, besides being more durable, embellishes the object; it has a very different effect on a bag and helps increase its value. In addition to chains, the company deals with all brass accessories that are a key detail in the fine tuning of fine leather products and garments of national and international luxury brands. "Among other things, he adds, we also make buckles for various brands, we make so many every year, each one different".


Historically, one of the company's most distinctive processes is the welding of metal zippers. "This is an operation that is not easy to do, which is why not all of our competitors are able to offer such a service, Fagioli explains. In our company, however, it has always been done: it is a workmanship handed down by the workers of yesteryear." A heritage that only a company that has been able to combine tradition and innovation can count on and that, with the passage of time, continues to represent a value that adds to the ability to make quality products, with maximum flexibility and speed of execution.

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