Gluing "difficult" materials is no longer a problem with Fixekó 2330




A hi-tech product designed specifically to solve the bonding problems encountered on some "difficult" materials in the leather goods sector, such as technical materials, wood, metals, polyester and nylon. Fixekó 2330 is called Fixekó 2330, the water-based adhesive developed by the R&D laboratories of Mastek, a company based in Casarano (LE) and a leader in the production and sale of eco-friendly adhesives for the leather goods and footwear sectors.


Fixekó 2330, is part of the green philosophy that characterizes the Apulian company, which for years has been precisely committed to researching and using the most innovative technologies available. An approach that translates into a marked attention to eco-sustainability, the manifestation of which is precisely the line of water-based adhesives that Mastek has been producing for about two decades and that it constantly updates and improves through its research laboratories.


"Fixekó 2330 is a water-based adhesive that is particularly appreciated by the market because it combines ease of use with high performance," explains Sole Administrator Dr. Emanuele Rausa. "It is characterized by a low reactivation temperature (between 45 and 55 degrees), good tackiness and medium open time that allows the operator to correctly position the various parts to be bonded."


Mastek's new product exhibits very high performance in terms of cohesive strength, yellowing and hydrolysis resistance. Precisely because of its anti-yellowing characteristics, it can be used on light-colored materials without any fear that they will yellow over time. In addition, combined with the new Primer M (a water-based preparer) it allows the bonding of metal accessories or galvanized materials.

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