Flex Tex, new entry for furniture and packaging




Flex Tex broadens its horizons. The elastic ribbons from the Besana in Brianza (MB) company will not only be destined for the fashion, footwear, sports and orthopedics sectors, but also for the furniture and packaging sector. The business, which has been involved in weaving for over 70 years, began to dedicate itself to the production of ribbons for the furniture sector, for example for upholstered furniture components such as garden ones (chairs, deckchairs, cushions) and sofas for interior.


"We have various customers who are appreciating our solutions – explains Fabio Rocca, administrator of Flex Tex -. For example, in the cushions sector, we have studied an article capable of preventing the zipper of the covers (of seat cushions in general, backrests or deckchairs) from being strained during assembly or even worse after washing. This is because by combining this particular elastic band with the zips, the elastic band compensates for all the traction between the fabric and the zip, thus facilitating assembly and ensuring longer life of the zips. As far as packaging is concerned, especially in clothing – he continues – our jacquard ribbons with the customer's logo are perfect for closing packages".


To implement these innovations, Flex Tex, starting this year, has revised staff training, through courses on the design and creation of ad hoc articles. «At the moment we have 20 employees – says Fabio Rocca – but in light of these changes we could also include new resources in our staff». And not only. «We have proposed, by the end of the year, to increase the range of production items, resorting to the use of raw materials of natural or recycled origin – he comments -. At the moment we have already started in this direction with polyester yarns of recycled origin or organic yarns of vegetable origin".

Flex Tex offers, in addition to weaving, various finishing processes such as: sublimation printing, silicone coating, sizing with the use of glues, softeners, water repellents or other treatments for the full satisfaction of the client.

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