Piegavelox, between research and development





Research and development are on the agenda at Piegavelox. For this reason, an ad hoc department called Pvx style, dedicated to research and development, was recently inaugurated. Here we draw (also on the PC) for embroidery, but we also test workmanship and materials with sampling machines.

At the forefront of the production (both industrial and artisanal) of semi-finished products for the clothing (fabric and leather), footwear and leather goods sectors, Piegavelox is located in Empoli (Fi). It is planning to open a historical archive, focused on all the creative information that the company, a pleating and embroidery specialist for over 60 years, has accumulated over time with its experience: a history that boasts over 5 thousand samples. «The objective is to catalog the material year by year – explains Paola Zucchi, one of the owners of Piegavelox who deals with the management of the Pvx style -. We want to create the archive by 2024 and aim to stand out on the market for the quality of the workmanship and the service offered. After all, we have never been just an embroidery factory working for third parties, but over the years we have always evolved. In light of this new department, we are training two new resources and expect to grow further when the company historical archive project is completed.


Our customers can find various samples and techniques from us that we are the first to test, with a view to providing an enriched and immediate offer of new productions. An even more creative service than those who only carry out mass production. Also with regards to sustainability - he continues - we continuously research ecological materials which we offer as an alternative to traditional production. In the not too distant future, in addition to the historical sample archive project, we intend to test other types of processes."

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