Embroidery and quilting, the Giglioli company has made an art of it





New machinery to expand services and production capacity. News is coming from Giglioli, a historic company in the Empoli (Florence) area that is both an embroidery factory and a quilting mill. "Two new machines will soon arrive at the company," explains Massimo Giglioli, "which will allow us to make special embroideries with sequins, cords, and webbing. After the company had already in the past been equipped with large-field machines that can process the entire height of the fabric, which are not easy to find in other embroidery factories, "these new tools will allow us to count on a greater production capacity, since they allow both special and standard processing, and will guarantee customers an expansion of Giglioli's proposal."


The company began as a quilting mill, an activity implemented over time with that of embroidery. "We have had embroidery machines for more than 10 years, while the first quilting machines were put in 40 years ago," Giglioli explains. "What differentiates us from other companies in the sector is precisely the fact that we are the only company that has a quilting laboratory and an embroidery laboratory in-house. A peculiar factor: there are usually companies that specialize in embroidery and others that deal only with quilting. "What makes the difference in our company," Giglioli continues, "is precisely the fact that we know the two worlds. Those who work with us know how quilting is created and how embroidery is created: this is how we can best direct the customer."


The company carries the two specializations forward hand in hand, although, as Giglioli explains this year, trends are pointing more to quilting than embroidery work. A story that continues on a double track, then, in pursuit of excellence and under the supervision of Uliviero Giglioli, the company's founder, who at the threshold of 80 years continues to oversee the work of his company. "Experience is the only thing that cannot be acquired, but only handed down," comments his son Massimo, at the helm of the company, "which is why my father's point of view remains invaluable.

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