Montorso, the chrome-tanned full nubuck leather from Dimar




«The refined feel of its surface is what makes Montorso nubuck unique». This is how Dimar, a leading player on the Italian and international tanning market, describes one of its flagship products, a chrome-tanned whole nubuk cowhide. The company, based in Montorso Vicentino (VI), has been operating for over forty years with a mix of tradition and innovation to provide its customers with the highest quality leather. This leather is an example of this.


«The writing - the company explains - is clearly visible in its surface and at first glance you can perceive an inimitable delicacy and class. Added to all this is the meticulous selection of the raw materials, exclusively of top quality European origin, thus obtaining an article of the highest quality, with which it is impossible not to fall in love."


A tactile work of art, an expression of artisanal excellence, whose delicate surface gives a sensation of unparalleled luxury. Dimar produces a wide range of split and grain leathers, appreciated throughout the world for their quality and uniform colours, suitable for multiple uses: from footwear to furniture, from bags to belts. Each leather is available in different nuances. Montorso is available in stock in twenty different shades: «you can see elegant colours, such as amber or ivory – the company says -, up to more intense shades, such as emerald or sapphire».







Montorso is one of the most valuable creations, which also represents a high quality solution for the naval industry. In addition to its tactile sensation, it offers water-repellent characteristics that make it a reliable companion for any adventure at sea, but there is also a fireproof variant. «Thanks to Dimar's passion, experience and attention to detail - the company explains - boating lovers can enjoy an uncompromising experience, immersing themselves in an enveloping luxury that only Montorso can offer».

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