Vibropolishing and internal turning department: what's new in 5.0




Two new departments for Cinquepuntozero, a Laterina Pergine Valdarno (AR) company active in CNC Machining on accessories for high fashion. A novelty brought forward with the goal of giving the company a vertical development, allowing for faster responses. "Before, we operated as a workshop-machine control and accessory assembly on both raw and finished parts," explains Gianni Fagioli, "now we have implemented the activity with a vibrating and vibropolishing department plus a turning department that we use to make specific parts suitable for accessories. A step that we used to have to outsource and that we can now do 'in house.'"


An operation that comes in response to a precise need: "Right from the opening, in 2019, we were already planning to make a space suitable for developing these processes as well," adds Fagioli. "A few times we were experiencing difficulties in receiving the material needed to carry out the work on our products, and especially in the phases in which it is necessary to be more than quick in responses, we could not afford to slow down the processes. By having our own machinery we are better able to cover the various needs and this allows us to shorten delivery times and be faster in production."


Introduced in April 2023, the two new departments have already proven to be a good investment. "We have already been able to appreciate positive results, especially for the production of samples, for which brands need fast responses," Fagioli concludes. "The difference from before can be seen. An implementation that has been useful especially in the post Covid era: "the two years following the pandemic were very positive; now the situation is quite calm but I hope and believe that from January/February, with the restart of productions for the future winter season, we will return to a more consistent continuity and regularity."

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