Bows, lace and clips: accessories also have their own trends



«This year was the year of bows, both in the shoe and clothing sectors. And then the hair clips that we are continuing to make, constantly changing techniques, materials and subjects, have been very successful." The accessories sector also has its trends, as Alessandra Bellacci of Ricamificio La Perla explains. The company from Laterina, in the province of Arezzo, has been producing accessories for major brands since 2003: a constantly evolving sector.


«Ours is a constantly evolving sector – explains Alessandra, who leads the company together with her sister Barbara -. Working with prototypes developed by companies, we adapt to customer requests and create what they ask of us from time to time: from handmade flowers to bows, from hand and machine embroidery, to hand painting. Ours is a work of care and precision that only hand finishing can guarantee, dedicated to an exclusive sector such as high fashion."


The company processes both fabrics and leather. «As far as leather is concerned, we work with both shiny and matt leather - adds Alessandra - but in recent seasons the requests have been concentrated on leather with a patent finish, while for fabrics the trend has concentrated on duchesses, rasoni and a lot of lace». Obviously the choice of fabrics also varies according to the season: the winter one is of angorette, the summer one of lightweight jersey and poplin, but also of satins and organza. But summer is also the season of hair clips that the company has been making for several seasons, along with bands, headbands and all types of hair accessories, made to the customer's design. There are also many zip pullers, proving that detail makes the difference. «Our business started with the creation of a sample of hand-painted garments for a company; then we opened up to the world of accessories and embroidery." New processes and specializations have gradually arrived, always in the name of passion for craftsmanship.

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