Certified eco-sustainability: the future of yarn and embroidery starts here





Eco-sustainability. This is the key word around which the strategy of Cieffe Filati is developed, a company from Quarrata (PT) which has invested heavily in the green theme, developing threads and consumables for embroidery whose sustainability is recognised, thanks to international certifications . Cieffe Filati therefore represents a safe partner for fashion brands, in particular for the leather goods and clothing sector, which want to sew or embroider using materials that aim to minimize the impact on the environment.

«For five years now we have invested heavily in the theme of eco-sustainability - explains Maurizio Cecioni, CEO of Cieffe Filati - we were one of the first companies to focus on this theme, in line with the orientation that the world of fashion has been following for some time. Our contribution takes place upstream of the supply chain, through a specific eco-sustainable range for embroidery. A project that today sees us well structured both in terms of product and at a logistical level, with specific warehouses, to guarantee compliance with the certification systems".

Since 2022, the company has been able to provide supports for embroidery, thermofuses and water-soluble fabrics, whose sustainability is proven by adherence to reference standards. «Last year – explains Cecioni – we created and registered two brands: Watergreen, a water-soluble gauze that can be used in all sewing techniques, and Thermogreen, the first thermogauze in the world, with a registered trademark, made with eco-sustainable and certified viscose Ecovero Fsc and Ecopath, labels of excellence assigned to products that respect the environment."

On the yarn front, the company is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified for cotton yarns, the main international standard for the sustainable production of textile products and clothing created with natural fibers from organic farming. For viscose it has the FSC (Chain of Custody, CoC), which guarantees the traceability of materials coming from certified forests; for polyester, it adheres to the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) standard which recognizes the importance of recycling for a sustainable production and consumption model. Among the threads, the recent introduction of an eco-sustainable machine embroidery raffia, also with the FSC label.

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