Light packaging made of 95% air, with FROMM's AP100 machine




"The lighter the packaging, the less material to be disposed of is put into circulation." The strategy of FROMM Imballaggio is clear, and in the wake of this philosophy it has developed the Airpad AP100 table-top air cushion machine. Part of the international FROMM group, since 1947 a leader in the design and development of a wide variety of systems for palletising goods for transport - with over 40 production branches and commercial dealerships around the world - FROMM Imballaggio which is based in San Gimignano (SI) aims to place on the market solutions designed to be increasingly less impactful. An example of this is the AP100. «It is a machine that produces cushions made up of 95% air and 5% material, for the benefit of waste disposal – explains Andrea Mensi, director of FROMM Imballaggio -. If there is a cubic meter to fill and 95% of it is filled with air, the advantage is evident." The machine can work with different types of support: «from recycled polyethylene to biodegradable materials – continues Mensi -. Combined with the use of ecological films, it combines ease of use with minimal environmental impact. Depending on the product that needs to be packaged, it is possible to use materials of different thicknesses: from the more substantial ones, necessary to protect heavier packages, up to the very thin ones of 15 microns, which have great advantages in terms of disposal".

The small footprint makes the AP100 easy to use and ideal for decentralized packing stations. It can also be set to stand-alone or multi-operator configurations and has USB trackers for easy collection of complete usage statistics. The various sizes of the bearings allow us to produce the most suitable air bearings for the protection of products, with an eye always attentive to the environmental impact. «The best path is that of reuse – adds Mensi – and with these materials it is feasible. PE has been used for years, with many positive results on the recycling front, also considering that Italy is a cutting-edge country in this aspect."

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