Photochromic finishes and 3D effect processes: the new frontiers of Modimex





«The latest innovation on the front of leather and fabric manufacturing are the photochromic finishes, which change color in the sun and which we will also present at the next edition of Lineapelle, a fair that sees us as assiduous participants and present in collaboration in the trend area». The proposals of Modimex, a historic company based in the Osmannoro production district, in the province of Florence, are constantly evolving, capable of intercepting current trends and launching new ones. An example of this are the rubber studs, for which the company holds the international patent: launched a few years ago, they were immediately appreciated by major brands.

But Modimex is not just 'studs'. It is definitely much more: just take a look at the sample collection that ranges from an infinite number of proposals. «Our company - explains Claudia Corrado - born and known since the 1960s for the production and application of studs and small metal parts, today is much more. Over time we have evolved a lot and have embraced technological innovation and artisan know-how: an arrangement that allows us to give life to many different components and processes, for the leather goods, footwear and clothing sectors, giving them a soul and a quality typical of handcrafted product but replicable on an industrial scale».




The company therefore supports production and processing ranging from the creation of customized studs to the coloring and hand painting of leather, metal and fabric, from laser processing, even on metal fabric, to prints, from creations in metal mesh and crystal, one of the company's flagship objects, up to finishes with a 3D effect that seem to come from a contemporary art catalogue. And all this, materials and processes, Modimex manages to mix and integrate it to give life to almost finished products, ready for packaging. And above all exclusive.
For some years, Modimex has introduced laser processing and equipped itself with an automatic work center, in line with industry 4.0. «The goal – explains Claudia Corrado – is to be able to create 99% semi-finished products, making use of our short supply chain group which allows us to guarantee the customer not only the specialized processing of materials for fashion but also the utmost confidentiality on the creations». The plus is represented by the presence in the company of highly qualified personnel, including graphic designer and engineer capable of designing customized elements.

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