Stay authentic or conform? The world of tanning is at a crossroads




This is the point of view of Raffaele Osci of Osci Pellami, a company that, with know-how built up over almost a century of history, supports the authenticity of leather.


«In an era in which the trend towards finished, synthetic and reconstructed materials seems to prevail, concepts that differ considerably from the true essence of leather – continues Raffaele Osci – our artisan reality has decided to take the most difficult path, producing a leather as natural as possible, starting from a high quality raw product. I believe that the duty of those who, like us, are behind the scenes is to bring out the most beautiful part of the skin, its transparency and naturalness."


For this reason, over the years, the company has always reaffirmed its long-standing commitment to enhancing leather in its most authentic form. «We consider the processing of leather in a natural way much more than simple production - explains Osci - it is a centuries-old art that we deeply respect. I believe we are losing the sense of what leather is and has always been: a unique material with its nuances and small imperfections, but destined to last, while a plastic finish deteriorates."


«We firmly believe that the beauty and sustainability of natural leather must be preserved and celebrated – he concludes – otherwise we will end up with a standardized product. We will continue our path towards a future in which naturalness and quality are at the center of our mission. Through constant commitment, we invest ever more incisively in the research and selection of the highest quality raw materials in order to create classic and timeless products, such as nappa and suede gloves, stretch nappa for footwear and soft nappa for leather goods dyed pure aniline. which have represented our distinctive pillars for 90 years."

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