4sustainability, the big names in fashion in Prato to talk about transparency in the supply chain




Supply chain transparency, impact measurement, digital product passport. These are the key themes of the tenth edition of 4sustainability, an event promoted by Process Factory and created with the aim of reducing the environmental and social impacts of the fashion and luxury sector. The appointment is for Thursday 14th September, from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, in the spaces of the Lanificio Fratelli Balli: a symbolic place of textile production, chosen precisely to bring these themes to where fashion comes to life. The initiative, in fact, continues on the path already followed in past editions together with brands and companies in the fashion supply chain, with the aim of moving the system towards the widespread application of the digital product passport.


Burberry, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, passing through Certilogo (eBay Group), Conceria Montebello, Gruppo Florence, Minerva Hub, Eurojersey and Holding Moda. And also Sistema Moda Italia, Piacenza 1733, Lanificio dell'Olivo, Achille Pinto, Smi Fashion Task Force, and Luiss Business School. They will all be in Prato to take part in a sold-out event, with districts from all over Italy having responded to the invitation to dialogue from Process Factory and Lanificio Fratelli Balli. The initiative will also involve researchers, university professors, sustainability and sustainable fashion experts, representatives of international organizations involved in the transition of the fashion system towards sustainability.


Three comparison panels. The first will be: “Partnership for the Goals: why team up”. The moderator will be Francesca Rulli, CEO of Process Factory and Ympact Società Benefit, creator of the 4sustainability framework. The speakers will be Leonardo Raffaelli, co-owner of Lanificio Fratelli Balli, Fabio Campana, CEO of Lanificio dell'Olivo, Andrea Crespi, general director of Eurojersey and vice-president of Sistema Moda Italia, and Ettore Piacenza, CEO of Piacenza 1733. Followed by contribution by Faruk Hassan, president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, the highest organization of clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh.


We will continue with the second panel entitled "Supply chain transparency: the market and the legislator transform the system". The moderator will be Annamaria Tartaglia, CEO of TheBrandSitter, while the speakers will be Attila Kiss CEO of the Florence Group, Matteo Marzotto president of Minerva Hub, Claudio Rovere CEO of Holding Moda, Elena Alonso Esparza of Burberry, and Filippo Bernocchi professor of the Luiss Business School.


Finally, the third panel, "Towards the digital passport: telling the product to its stakeholders", moderated by Matteo Ward, CEO and co-founder of Wrad, and author of the docu-series "Junk - Armadi Pieni". The speakers will be Luca De Iulis, marketing and sales director of Conceria Montebello, Alberto Lampis, strategic sourcing raw material senior specialist of Hugo Boss, Matteo Uliassi, CEO of Achille Pinto, Michele Casucci founder and general manager of Certilogo, eBay Group, Augusto Rosi by Max Mara and there will be a contribution from Francesca Magri representing Smi's Fashion Task Force. The closure will be entrusted to Francesca Rulli and Massimo Brandellero, founder and CEO of The Id Factory.

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