YouLeather, the ecological and futuristic skin finish




An innovative finishing process that is based on a combination of chemical, physical and mechanical technologies from different sectors, in particular with its thermoadhesive films on polyester matrix or release paper. YouLeather is the name of the innovation developed by LMF Biokimica, a company present in the world of tannery chemical products for over half a century which offers highly innovative solutions for the entire leather processing process.


«YouLeather was born from the constant request of the fashion sector to bring the quality of leather to an increasingly higher level, both in terms of workmanship and sustainability – the company explains -. This technology is the result of years of research which has led to a completely innovative and revolutionary system. We developed indications from the market and transformed them into something precious: a unique, ecological and futuristic approach, completely made in Italy."


Thanks to the new technology it is possible to work leather giving it a fine appearance and making it easy to use thanks to its uniformity, simplicity of application and technical characteristics that satisfy even the most difficult needs. The leather finish can be customized, allowing for multiple creative variations. In addition to the aesthetic and manufacturing advantages, the process guarantees significant reductions in terms of sustainability, minimizing environmental impacts, energy waste and emissions into the atmosphere.


«YouLeather perfectly represents how research can develop low impact processes that produce excellent results on any type of leather – they conclude from the company which has progressively moved towards eco-sustainable solutions -. We have combined years of experience in the tanning and heat transfer paper sector to obtain an extraordinary result: a unique production line with specific processes that give the leather an exclusive appearance."

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