Soft and quality calves: the recipe of Conceria Stefanelli




Soft and versatile leathers, if treated in the right way. Calf processing is a process that requires experience, dexterity and research: a sector in which Conceria Stefanelli Piero has specialized for a few months now, a company that does not lack experience, thanks to its over fifty years of activity managed in family.


«For about five months we have specialized in the processing of calves, which is not particularly widespread in the Santa Croce district - explains Francesca Stefanelli -. Our company deals with the production and trade of leather, with processing starting from the raw material up to the semi-finished product. We treat hips and shoulders, but in the case of the calf, which is more delicate than, for example, a shoulder which has a greater thickness, we have found that not everyone is able to obtain satisfactory results». That is, a soft and flawless leather at the first treatment.


«Often in the manufacture of calves there are cracks or defects that require a particular, expensive finish that often compromises the quality of the finished product - continues Francesca Stefanelli -. By changing the recipes, perfecting the processes, carrying out market research on products and types of processing, our company has developed a product that is already excellent after the first processing step and does not require subsequent treatments».


With leathers of this type it is possible to make quality bags and footwear, but the production process of the Stefanelli Tannery also guarantees its sustainable imprint. «Being a certified company - concludes Francesca - we guarantee compliance with precise parameters and this includes both the use of products with a reduced environmental impact and the use of a smaller quantity of water. Having changed the recipes for processing the calves has allowed us not only to obtain a quality product but also a more sustainable one».

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