Marcello Pipitone, a young emerging designer, is one of the three winners of the CNMI Fashion Trust Grant 2023



Marcello Pipitone, a young emerging designer, is one of the three winners of the CNMI Fashion Trust Grant 2023.
The Bonola boy, as he likes to call himself since he was born in this suburban neighborhood of Milan, creates sportswear using cutting-edge techniques such as heat sealing with Framis to reassemble vintage clothing. His clothes have been worn in numerous events by singers and influencers and will be protagonists during the next fashion week.


How did the idea for your line come about? Where did you start from?


It all started in my room in Milan during high school, painting some t-shirts, I understood that I wanted to do that in life. I started from the Boccioni Art School in Milan as a graphic designer.


Taking the line is our Bettina Grampa, researcher and designer of fabrics, materials and embroidery, who was able to interview Pipitone:

What materials do you use and which ones would you like to work with?


I love being able to use materials from the past together with those of the present. Create a contrast between different stories and worlds. From stocks of unsold fabrics to damaged jeans or leather trousers that can be unstitched and reused in the still good places.


In today's scenario, how important are creativity and the product and how important is marketing?


You have to think about everything, there has to be a balance. You must have clear ideas, tell a story, change a past, old and obsolete idea into something modern that does not cause damage to the environment.


Are investors willing to focus on young talents like you or is it easier to establish collaborations with large fashion groups?


It depends on the vision and product of a brand, big companies bet on you if they see the numbers, until a young person has a worthy turnover it is not easy to find someone who bets on you. There are good showrooms that believe in you every now and then and fortunately there are still contests, in which anyone can participate.


Who or which companies would you like and encourage collaborating with (brands or producers)?


I would like to work with manufacturers from the world of motors and sports and collaborate with transport companies (automotive)


Are you planning to develop your own line of accessories to complement the clothing?


Absolutely yes, I'm making the samples to sell, the collection will be online in 2024, which will also include accessories!


Your next and future commitments?


The next commitments are events, the one in collaboration with Udinese calcio and Macron on September 21st in Milan, where we present the third shirt made by me, in the following months I will make other presentations in Milan and other cities!!

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