SYN-BIOS SPA confirms Level 3 progressive ZDHC Certification, the pass for the future




The mission of ZDHC (an acronym for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) is very well defined, and SYN-BIOS SPA has fully shared it since 2020. It is also recently confirmed to have achieved Level 3 progressive at the renewal stage of the certification, a genuine "passepartout" to supply the fashion world globally. ZDHC's vision and program enable fashion brands to implement sustainable chemical management best practices throughout the value chain.


The chemical formulation manufacturers who join, by a completely voluntary act, are aware that they are going beyond legislative compliance aspects. In fact, ZDHC's Roadmap to Zero program guides the industry toward eliminating harmful chemicals from its global supply chain, laying the groundwork for more sustainable production to protect workers and consumers, combat climate change, support biodiversity and preserve water quality.


The Gateway is ZDHC's portal that supports the implementation of this program. The chemical module of the Gateway, which SYN-BIOS SPA keeps constantly updated, is a database of verified sustainable chemistry that can be consulted globally by all clients. This tool is a valuable aid in consciously choosing safer chemistry. The principle that has always governed SYN-BIOS SPA's policy is to eliminate harmful chemicals from its formulations: this is the only way to concretely accelerate the process of reducing the chemical impact of the entire supply chain, generating innovation, improving the well-being of workers and progressing toward greater sustainability of the entire value chain.


It is no coincidence that SYN-BIOS SPA was the first to introduce totally water-based fixatives to the Italian market, replacing those in solvent. The desire to anticipate the needs of customers is also expressed in the proposals of the multiple series of water-based pigments, for any segment of the tanning industry, with such characteristics as to allow the creation of peculiar articles. One example among all is the METAL-FREE line, dedicated to the production of metal-free leathers, as defined in the UNI EN 15987:2015 standard. "When we set it up," explains Enrico Gastaldello, "there was not yet a specific demand for this type of product; I believe that the fact that we provided a solution before the problem itself was posed actually fueled the demand for it, especially from those customers who are historically more attentive to the issue of sustainability.

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