R79: "The new mood of the brands? Exclusivity"




Exclusivity. Today it is the key word for luxury brands. Brands are always looking for innovative solutions, while that of the "already seen" is no longer a viable path. This is also what R79, a Fermana-based company that has been designing and manufacturing semi-finished products since 1979, has found, as well as making loom and hand woven items in a wide variety of materials: such as leather, fabric, paper and straw. Because times have changed and customization is the new mood.


In this framework, experience and craftsmanship are key, but often it is necessary to go further. What makes the difference is the ability to pursue projects that include new techniques, solutions and products. In other words, making designers' ideas a reality. Perhaps the cue is offered precisely by a product in the company's collection but which is increasingly being reworked, customized and made "new."

Precisely in response to an ever-increasing demand for special processing, R79 has invested in its ability to develop tailor-made projects. One example? The creation for a furniture brand of a weave made by recycling unused curtain fabrics as well as wallpaper. Another key word in the industry is in fact reuse: so the company set out to give new life to materials stored in the warehouse. From rolls of curtain fabric and wallpaper, cut and woven, decorations of furnishing accessories were born. It only took a few small adjustments to adapt the machinery to the fabric to make a unique and virtuous product.


And again projects for markets and special events, realizations for fashion shows or weaves for unique pieces to be displayed in shop windows. The important thing is to be ready and willing to adapt one's skills and expertise to the demands. This makes one capable of working as much with large industries, which need large quantities, as devoting oneself to smaller projects that are precisely for this reason exclusive.

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