Technical performance and sustainable soul: the bet of Masca PB




Technical solutions with high performance while respecting eco-sustainability. This is the niche on which, in recent times, Masca PB, a company targeting the B2B market, has focused its attention. "It is an area that we have implemented in recent times, when the concept of eco-sustainable production has become foundational," explains Marco Benzi, "today sustainability is an indispensable condition for companies. That's why we have given legs to research: we aim a lot at establishing synergies and collaborations with Italian companies that produce fabrics and metal accessories that are increasingly less impactful on the environment."


The trend is to mix the need for environmentally sustainable materials with maximum technical performance. "Specifically," Benzi continues, "we carried out research for a year to make waterproof bags without the use of PVC, along the lines of waterproof heat-sealed bags. We had to combine a sustainable fabric, specifically recycled nylon, with a technical solution that would ensure watertightness. We finally managed to go into production: the bags are made without seams thanks to a solution capable of holding the parts together without welding, already used in the world in technical clothing (sailing or extreme sports) but not yet applied on a bag."


A project realized also in this case with a selected production partner and delivered to the customer with excellent results in terms of liking. "Our core business," Benzi concludes, "remains that of making products for our customers in ecological fabrics, mainly natural-based, but specially treated with coatings that are not solvent-based but ecological, thus respecting the principles of sustainability. Our customers leave us a lot of freedom to propose, which allows us to range in the area of supplier research to find the optimal solution from time to time."

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