Accessories universe: what's new for the luxury sector according to Spazio 58



Preserving a dual soul: on the one hand, one that looks to the future, with technological innovations capable of keeping up with market demands; on the other, one that creates quality from the protection of tradition and craftsmanship. This is the road that Spazio 58, a company from the Marche region (Sant'Elpidio a mare, FM) has chosen to take, placing side by side the creation of metal accessories alongside the processing of leather, rooted in the ancient workings of the goldsmith's art.


An approach that can be summed up in a few words, those of Matteo Benni: "everything that technology can improve we experiment with, but in areas where tradition is still the qualitatively winning solution we protect it." For this reason, the company has been open for some time now to Pvc micro-injection, which can be done on multiple levels and in multiple colors, and to digital prints that, in addition to allowing a wide variety of colors and processing, give the possibility of two-level printing with a gloss finish, for a three-dimensional effect even to the touch.





Two innovations that come in response to a need for innovation but also to a change in the market: with the explosion of sneakers, and the decline of classic models and the demand for metal accessories, Spazio 58 has chosen to broaden its horizons and its market. Alongside the innovative vision, the protection of metal accessory workmanship continues. Components for bags and shoes made 80% of the time from brass worked with the lost-wax casting technique; an ancient workmanship, typical of goldsmithing.


"There is no 3D printing process capable of preserving with the same precision all the details that lost-wax casting guarantees," Benni explains. "There are processes for printing steel or some alloys, but noble metals such as gold, silver, copper and brass can only be processed in this way to obtain a quality product. Not coincidentally, it is the same technique the company uses for pieces in its B-Hall line of silver jewelry, for which a new collection designed by an American designer for the U.S. market is forthcoming.

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