Paper blisters: the new project of G&CO



Sustainability goal. It is what the fashion industry world aspires to achieve most at this moment in history. A goal that can only be achieved if every cog in the mechanism moves in the same direction, fueled by the drive for constant improvement. This is also what G&CO, a company based in Chiuduno (BG) that deals with the production of thermoformed blisters for the internal handling of small parts and accessories, as well as a packaging solution, aims to do. Sensitivity to growing environmental needs has resulted in the decision to eliminate the use of highly polluting raw materials, focusing instead on post consumer recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable ones.


In the constant search for more and more environmentally sustainable media, G&CO is working to include in its production a paper-based material that can replace plastic altogether, without any substantial change from an aesthetic point of view, but with a plus in terms of product and corporate value. This is a path that is already underway, but one that faces some logistical stakes, such as finding a company capable of converting the material granules to reel with reasonable costs. This, however, remains the current mission that the company counts on being able to conclude within a few months, with the knowledge that paper represents the future in its target industry, that of fashion.


The 'green' road taken by G&CO began with the decision to make its products using fully recycled and recyclable plastic derived from the civil recycling process of Pet bottles. This is certified material, which is fed into a circular system: the waste, properly sorted, cleaned and processed is then thermoformed; once used, the process can begin again. A further step would be to use plastic recovered from the seas: an even more virtuous (though currently very costly) circle, since a portion of the material cost would have to be used to refinance collection.

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